Beams & Timber

Orlestone oak sawmill have been milling timber for over half a century over this timber we have built a base of knowledge , experience and contacts. we carefully choose our suppliers to ensure the best quality and sustainable sources where we can we will source our timber from the U.K but also from France and Belgium.

We mill a variety of timber species such as Native Larch, Native Douglas Fir and European Oak. With the ability to cut beams up to 13m long and turn jobs around in a short time frame all whilst maintaining the quality our customers demand we are a popular choice for Architects, Builders and public.

Over the years we have done some  high profile jobs some of which are listed below.

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Warner brother studios Harry potter tour
  • James Bond
  • Buckingham Palace
  • and many more.

Our customer come to us because of our knowledge and service we are happy to work with clients on large jobs and guide them through the different types of timber and the grades for structural use. 

See the categories below for more information on the different species of timber. 

  • European oak or Quercus Robur has grown around the British Isles and throughout Continental Europe for thousands of years. It has long been a vital building material with countless uses not least of which as weatherboarding and cladding.

    Orlestone oak have been milling oak for between 50 and 60 years and when sourcing our oak we are very particular on the trees we will take in there raw form, this allows us to ensure consistent quality throughout our product range. We only use timber from sustainable sources and work closely with the forest owners in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe to ensure we know where our trees are sourced.

    Green oak cladding is the leading choice for many due to its extremely robust nature and durably qualities. It is also very appealing to many because of its timeless silver colour it will weather down too, this look can be seen throughout the U.K in some of its finest landmarks and heritage sites. 

    Technical information
    Species: Quercus Robur.
    Surface type: Sawn (planed on request).
    Sizes available: Lengths up to 13m
    Weight: Roughly 1 tonne per cubic meter when freshly cut.
    Other info: Green oak has a natural content of tannic acid when this has contact with ferrous metals it will stain the timber.
  • Fresh sawn Douglas fir beams are considered to be the flagship timber for home-grown softwood species. It has beautiful grain and the brown heartwood with hints of red coupled with creamy coloured sap wood looks fantastic. growing to a impressive 40 meters in height these trees boast massive beam sizes when milled.

    We source all our Douglas fir from the U.K taking loads of large trees and milling them to order producing beams up to 13m in lengths. Douglas fir is a favourite of timber framers due to its amazing strength to weight ratio it is around 30% lighter than oak so easier to assemble on site and work with when producing a frame.

    Douglas fir beams are naturally very resistant to decay , rot and bugs this is because of its naturally high resin content.. It does not require any treatment if exposed to the weather but will slowly turn a pale silver grey colour as the rain and sun take their toll. 

    Technical information
    Species: Pseudotsuga Menziesii.
    Surface type: Sawn (planed on request) .
    Sizes available: Lengths up to 13m
    Weight: Roughly 0.7tonne per cubic meter when freshly cut.
  • European Larch introduced in the U.K around the 17th century and has since been a popular choice for a array of uses such as , Beams for construction, Furniture , Flooring and Decking. Larch beams are becoming more and more popular and being used on more sites across the U.K and it grows in popularity. Larch trees are available from well managed U.K sources Orlestone Oak work closely with forest owners and management to have a good supply with consistency on size and quality.

    Fresh sawn Larch beams boast a light red colour with clear striking grain pattern, as it dried it becomes more of a reddish brown and as with all timber if exposed to the elements will eventually turn a silver grey. Larch timber is a naturally resinous giving it great durability and able to with stand all the weather can throw at it. It requires no treatment left outside and will last a long time exposed to water.

    Larch will grow tall and straight allowing us to produce some very large beams lengths up to 13m and at 300x300 are not uncommon. We cut all our beams to order so if you need something outside the ordinary please ask and we will let you know what we can do. 

    Technical information
    Species: Larix europaea.
    Surface type: Sawn (planed on request).
    Sizes available: Lengths up to 13m
    Weight: Roughly 0.8 tonne per cubic meter when freshly cut.
  • Although Green oak is most commonly used for most areas in construction there are some parts of a build that will require air dried or seasoned oak. Air dried beams would be used for things like floor joists as green oak could shrink too much and cause problems further down the line on the build.

    Orlestone oak have a simple process with Air dried beams we take green oak and layer it up with sections of timber between the layers to allow air to pass through aiding the drying process. We leave the beams for as long as they need depending on the size of the piece and this can be any number of years. As timber framing has no standard sizes air dried beam stock will be limited however we always do our best to have a mixture so we can meet most needs.

    Air dried oak beams have spent a number of years exposed to weather and allowing them to dry as oak naturally moves as it dried these beams will have some splits and cracks. When we supply air dried beams if requested we will re-saw the 4 edges making them square as they may have twisted during the drying process. 

    Technical information
    Species: Quercus Robur.
    Surface type: Sawn (planed on request).
    Sizes available: Varies with current stock call for details.
    Weight: Roughly 0.7 tonne when dry.
  • Our fireplace beams, fire mantles and fire surrounds are manufactured from our own air-dried oak beams which have naturally occuring spilts and twists. These will add character and individuality to your mantlepiece, whether it be a traditional 'aged' fireplace or a more modern design.

    We have a large stock of reclaimed oak beams which are ideal for fire place beams.

    Our craftsmen can carve your oak fire surround into a number of individual designs and we will be pleased to advise what is suitable for your property.

    Please click here for our price guide.

    The beams, above, can be seen at our showroom.

    Inglenook fireplace with bressumer beam above.

    Newly installed bressumer beam.

    Oak beam installed into original brick fireplace.

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