We offer a large selection of green oak sleepers in a choice of sizes held in stock. All our sleepers are European oak (quercus Rubar) giving them a natural resistance to weather conditions. Our Green oak sleepers are the perfect product to use for landscaping and garden design.

There high resistance and ability to with stand being exposed to water makes them very good for raised flower beds and retaining walls. These qualities also make them very good for raised vegetable gardens working like building blocks to quickly establish an area with a comfortable working height. We offer a range of sizes in the sleepers with varying widths and lengths.

Green oak sleepers are freshly sawn/have a high moisture content and are suitable for construction, garden landscaping etc.

LengthDimensionsPrice per SleeperPack Rate3 Packs + Rate
2.4m200 x 100mm1 – 34 @ £21.00 each34 – 111 @ £20.00 each122+ @ £18.00 each
2.4m250 x 125mm1 – 25 @ £28.00 each25 – 74 @ £27.00 each75+ @ £25.00 each
2.4m250 x 65mm1 – 50 @ £16.00 each50 – 149 @ £15.00 each150+ @ £13.00 each
2.4m200 x 50mm1 – 68 @ £12.00 each68 – 203 @ £11.00 each204+ @ £9.00 each

Oak Sleepers

Oak railway sleepers are an ideal product for many uses in the garden.

  • Raised flower beds
  • Garden furniture
  • Steps, pathways, walkways and decking
  • Paving and edging
  • Tree houses
  • Carvings/sculptures

The photos show sleepers that have been shaped to build a hexagonal raised bed.

Reclaimed Oak Sleepers

Please phone for current stocks of untreated or tanalised reclaimed oak sleepers.

Treated Softwood Sleepers

Our pressure-treated softwood sleepers are easy to handle and will weather to a silver-grey finish over a number of months.

They are suitable for a variety of garden applications including raised beds, borders, patios, decking and edging.

Stocked sizes (ex VAT)

LengthDimensions1 – 40Pack rate
2.4m200 x 100mm£12.50£11.50
2.4m250 x 125mm£27.50£16.50
2.4m225 x 100mm£16.00£15.00

Non-Stocked sizes (ex VAT)

LengthDimensions1 – 40Pack rate
1.2m200 x 100mm£7.50£6.50
2,4m200 x 63mm£9.50£8.50
1.2m250 x 125mm£10.00£9.00
2.4m225 x 115mm£14.50£13.50
2.6m250 x 125mm£18.50£17.50
3.0m250 x 125mm£24.00£23.00

Larch Douglas Fir Sleepers

Larch and Douglad Fir sleepers have tough, waterproof and durable qualities and are an ideal cost-effective alternative to oak sleepers. The tough, resinous timber is naturally resilient to water requiring minimal treatment.

DimensionsPer sleeper
2.4m x 200mm x 100mm£25.43
2.4m x 250mm x 125mm£39.74
2.4m x 250mm x 65mm£22.37
2.4m x 200mm x 50mm£15.22

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