Although Green oak is most commonly used for most areas in construction there are some parts of a build that will require air dried or seasoned oak. Air dried beams would be used for things like floor joists as green oak could shrink too much and cause problems further down the line on the build.

Orlestone oak have a simple process with Air dried beams we take green oak and layer it up with sections of timber between the layers to allow air to pass through aiding the drying process. We leave the beams for as long as they need depending on the size of the piece and this can be any number of years. As timber framing has no standard sizes air dried beam stock will be limited however we always do our best to have a mixture so we can meet most needs.

Air dried oak beams have spent a number of years exposed to weather and allowing them to dry as oak naturally moves as it dried these beams will have some splits and cracks. When we supply air dried beams if requested we will re-saw the 4 edges making them square as they may have twisted during the drying process.

Technical information
Species:Quercus Robur.
Surface type:Sawn (planed on request).
Sizes available:Varies with current stock call for details.
Weight:Roughly 0.7 tonne when dry.