Oak floors have been a must in homes for hundreds of years with their fantastic heat insulating properties and natural beauty they add a quality and class to any property both commercial and domestic.

Orlestone oak have been on the forefront of timber flooring for many years and with our experience and resources we are able to offer some of the best timber floors available in the world. We have many styles and finishes to choose from and as everything we do is from scratch you have the ability to make the floor personal and individual to you.

We have full ranges in both solid and engineered flooring, engineered being best suited for underfloor heating due to its increased stability gained from the ply or softwood backing. Solid flooring being the choice for people looking for a traditional floor that will last almost forever when maintained property.

Within our ranges you will find everything from parquet to our Grand flooring ranges that include lengths up to 7m and widths up to 400mm.

For more information, please choose one of the categories and explore the options available.

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