Orlestone oak sawmill have been milling timber for over half a century over this timber we have built a base of knowledge , experience and contacts. we carefully choose our suppliers to ensure the best quality and sustainable sources where we can we will source our timber from the U.K but also from France and Belgium.

We mill a variety of timber species such as Native Larch, Native Douglas Fir and European Oak. With the ability to cut beams up to 13m long and turn jobs around in a short time frame all whilst maintaining the quality our customers demand we are a popular choice for Architects, Builders and public.

Over the years we have done some  high profile jobs some of which are listed below.

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Warner brother studios Harry potter tour
  • James Bond
  • Buckingham Palace
  • and many more.

Our customer come to us because of our knowledge and service we are happy to work with clients on large jobs and guide them through the different types of timber and the grades for structural use.

See the categories below for more information on the different species of timber.

Our Beams & Timber