Native Larch has been a timber widely used for building a multitude of things.  Native larch is very popular as it has high resin content so is extremely durable outside in all weathers.

The most common use for larch is as cladding profiles such as larch feather edge, larch square edge and waney edge. Larch can however be used for more contemporary cladding designs as well such as larch shiplap cladding and larch half lap we would use air dried larch for this as it is stable and machines better than fresh cut larch. As cladding British larch offers a great alternative to Oak, Douglas fir and cedar and is normally more cost effective than Oak as well.

Due to its robust nature and tough form it is very well suited for exposed areas of cladding as it can take some abuse with knocks and scuffs. We would recommend having it untreated and leaving it to weather down to a silver grey colour however it is possible to treat it with an exterior oil if you wish to preserve the fresh sawn colour.

Technical information
Sawn Profiles are available
Width:100mm – 300mm
Thickness:20 – 38mm
Length:2m – 6m
Machined profiles are available
Width:65mm – 140mm
Thickness:20mm – 38mm
Length:2m – 6m

Below you will see some examples of cladding we have previously done in home grown larch.