Unfinished Engineered Flooring

  • Orlestone oaks standard engineered flooring is a fantastic simple floor it has a lovely natural look and is very versatile for use in any room. As it beings unfinished we can apply any of the fiddes colours ranging from oak lightning offering a light natural look to dark oak giving a period old look.

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    Orlestone oaks rustic engineered oak is a beautifully simplistic floor with a natural look so we have left it at that. We can finish it in any colour but out the box it is a unfinished 21mm thick engineered oak floor.


    Orlestone oaks rustic engineered oak flooring comprises of a high quality European oak top layer with the extremely stable birch ply backing. The birch ply gives the flooring huge stability factors although when the floor is laid it bears no differences from a solid oak floor.



    Our Rustic engineered oak flooring goes through a number of processes to produce the final product. First of all the European oak is bonded onto the birch ply to create the highly stable but highly desirable floor. It is then machined to give it v grooves all round and tongue and grooves on all edges. Finally the flooring is filled and sanded ready to be laid and have a colour applied.


    When the rustic engineered oak floor is laid and has had a hard wax oil finish applied it is very easy to maintain. We recommend using a purpose designed floor mop such as the bonna floor mop but you can also use flooring wipes or luke warm water as long as you are careful to not allow any water to be left on the floor.