Unfinished Solid Flooring

The unfinished flooring ranges features a selection of flooring with everything you require other than the color. This allows you to choose a color to suite your personal requirements. 


  • Orlestone oaks character grade solid oak flooring is an amazing example of how less can be more. It is Solid European oak with a selection of qualities to ensure the floor is long lasting and stable. Due to its elegance and classy appearance it does not need excessive amounts of finishing to achieve a impressive floor. The reason for the floors simple elegance is the quality of the European oak we use the grain has a clean quality look and once finished in our range of hard wax oils has a depth that only compliments the floor even more. We finish Orlestone oaks Solid character with a few process as standard such as filling and sanding the boards to give a even smooth surface, Micro bevels to give the floor a smooth look when laid, tongue and grooves and end matching to give the boards more stability, The final thing is stress grooving the boards on the reverse side to avoid movement or warping.


    As previously mentioned orlestone oaks solid character grade oak flooring had simplicity in mind so the design reflects exactly that. The Quality European oak has enough character and finished with your choice of colours of hard wax oils it gives a classy floor with an exclusive feel.


    Although the appearance of the Character grade solid oak floor is relatively simplistic the processes that the stunning floor goes through is far from. We begin by taking a board that has already been processed in to a blank board and we put a tongue and groove along the two edges. We then apply end matching to the boards for increased stability when laid, following this we stress groove the reverse of the floor this involves taking grooves out of the back of the board in order to allow the board to expand into the grooves if movement occurs. We will then fill and sand the solid oak boards to achieve a smooth surface before finally if requested two coats of hard wax oil to ensure a long life and superb finish.


    Orlestone oaks solid character grade flooring is a 20mm think European oak board. It has stress grooves taken out the back to ensure stability.


    To maintain the Orlestone oaks solid character grade oak flooring we recommend using a purpose designed floor cleaning mop such as the bonna floor mop there are other alternatives such as flooring wipes.